Fireplace Marble fireplace using two full slabs
York Cabinet Style / Granite
York Cabinet Style / Granite Cabinets: York Chocolate Granite: Hidden Treasure - 3 cm
Neolith Countertop
Neolith Countertop Calacutta Neolith countertop
Taj Mahal Quartzite
Taj Mahal Quartzite Island & Peninsula with waterfall Stone: Taj Mahal Quartzite - 3 cm
Cabinets & Granite Kitchen
Cabinets & Granite Kitchen White Shaker Style Cabinets Delicatus - 3 cm granite
Cabinets & Granite
Cabinets & Granite White Antique Shaker Style cabinets Dallas White - 3 cm ranite


What times are available to schedule my installation and how long will it take? For better scheduling with our customers, we offer both morning and afternoon installations. An EKB representative will be happy to arrange a timeframe that will work with your schedule. Typical kitchen installations take approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

Is it OK to leave items on the countertops until they are removed? Please note that the installation team will need a cleared path and a cleared work area. That means that we expect to have anything that usually sits on the tops to be removed prior to the installation date if your countertops haven't been removed on the Template date. This team will be carrying extremely heavy stone and using power tools for your installation. 

My children will be excited to see the work being done, can they watch? We advise you to keep the family and all pets in another area of the house to avoid possible injury. The team will be using a strong epoxy formula, which emits very strong fumes. We advise you to open windows and/or doors for ventilation.

Will you have to do any cutting inside the house? When opening a cook top, it is easier and more accurate when done in its actual position; therefore EKB recommends that cook tops must be open (cut) inside the house. If the Customer doesn't want that to happen in any circumstance because of the dust, "the customer" will be responsible for any mistake that may occur. EKB installers will not open (cut) a cook top by measurements only in any circumstance, unless prior authorization by their supervisor who should have a written "Authorization" from customer providing the actual measures


These photos are of actual projects done by Eagle Kitchens & Baths. If you find one that inspires you, please let us know and we will see to making your dream kitchen or bath a reality as well.

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